We BELIEVE in the
power of I and YOU
in our world.
iIMPACT uIMPACT is an innovation foundation and ideas platform with global impact. For us, innovation is both a catalyst and connector for people to imagine and create their own solutions to complex challenges. The Foundation is built on a public and social entrepreneurship model. We believe that small things can have a big impact to change our world. We believe in the power of I and YOU to effect positive change and transformation in our world: imagine it, make the choice, believe in yourself, and do it.

iIMPACT uIMPACT is based in The Netherlands 
but we work all around the world.

We combine our expertise, consultancy, and thinktank to design programmes that have a social impact. We pull together teams of experts that represent a cross-section of industries, including international cooperation, government, business, civil society, and academia, as well as individual citizens.

Through our Awards Hub and GREENR and UMODEL competitions,

iIMPACT uIMPACT  invests in initiatives that reward innovation and make an impact.

We believe that some of the best ideas for solving the world’s most critical problems can come from anyone, anywhere. 


We also believe that innovation leads to progress, so nothing is too audacious, outrageous or impossible.


iIMPACT uIMPACT’s Kelly Culver, FRSA, CMC, is a passionate social and public entrepreneur. 
She is also the founder and Director of The Culver Group Inc (Canada) and The Culver Group Inc Global Business Centre (Mauritius). She is a consortium partner of IKAT, which is a global consultancy and network focused on quality assurance, monitoring, and evaluation informing knowledge capture for adaptive management, learning, experience capitalisation, and impact assessments.
A Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, Kelly is internationally recognised for her outstanding achievements in social progress and development in Small Developing States and Commonwealth countries.
She is on the Board of Advisors, Caribbean Association of the World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL).
Kelly holds a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) professional designation, graduating on the Honours Roll in the top 10 in Canada. CMC is an international certification mark, recognised in 50 countries. It represents the highest standards of consulting and adherence to the ethical canons of the profession. Less than 1% of consultants world-wide have achieved this level of performance.
Kelly is also a Certified Action Learning Coach and a Registered Professional Trainer and holds certificates in Mediation from Western University and Negotiation from the Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto.
For the past twenty years, founder Kelly Culver has been committed to the SDG principle of leaving no one behind, regularly making donations to charities and causes in the developing countries in which she works. She volunteers as a coach and mentor with young leaders, connecting, developing capacity, and transferring knowledge and experiences.  Kelly’s sense of social responsibility informs iIMPACT uIMPACT’s mandate.
iIMPACT uIMPACT believes in climate action. The Foundation’s carbon neutral mandate requires that representatives travel by the most direct route and use public transit when possible, and that the Foundation offset any miles travelled by plane.