We harness brilliant ideas

from all over the world

to develop innovative solutions.

We collaborate and connect with global professionals and thought leaders,
leveraging their expertise and talent.
Using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as our guide, we rethink and
reimagine challenges and incubate ideas that work.
Focusing on impact, we invest in innovative ideas that scale rapidly. Our approach is
to assess a challenge, develop a solution, then help it scale and spread.


iIMPACT uIMPACT offers a range of comprehensive and connected advisory, delivery, and development solutions.
In our world, challenges are becoming more complex and inter-connected, and change is happening at a constant and often unprecedented rate. Organisations need to be able to respond to these complex challenges with agile and flexible solutions. They need to be creative in their approach a nd invest in innovation.

At iIMPACT uIMPACT, we believe that innovation happens through practical exploration problem-solving methodologies.


Ideas & Inspirations

We approach challenges with a comprehensive view and offer tailored, innovative solutions focused on global and social impact. We believe that doing things differently and rocking the boat can be powerful tools to affect positive change.
Our advisory solutions include THE HIVE Pop Up Think Tank: Buzzing with brilliant ideas and swarming with solutions to complex challenges, we mobilise resources and imagination to develop alternative models and accelerated, innovative solutions. We look for opportunities to spark positive, inclusive disruption and facilitate learning and experimentation. By exploring and solving, we help close the impact gap.


Connecting & Collaborating

Collaboration is fundamental to getting things done.

We build coalitions for change, leveraging strategic relationships to devise bold ideas and transform them into practical solutions.
We believe in co-creation, experimentation, and in taking a systemic approach to problem solving to achieve more impactful outcomes.



Capacity, Learning & Adaptation

We champion collaborative problem-solving and learning by doing. We aim to identify improved methods of capitalizing on opportunities, develop skills, and foster motivations to tackle complex challenges – particularly, those related to sustainable development.
Our development solutions include THE SEEDLING Incubator and What Works Ideas Centre, which adapts success stores and capitalises on achievements…from little seeds great things grow.
Through The Development Academy we develop programmes and people to shape change within their own countries and play an active role in building capacity for innovation and development around the globe. Our model is:
Develop Programmes | Develop People | Develop Nations | Develop the Globe.

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